The Mystery Of The Magna Carta

"To App or not to App?"

May this not be the question!
Queriest thou what an APP-lication might be? Why, it’s magic! It’s fun! Enter our portal and see.
Our APP-master Paul has added sparkle ’n sizzle To transform these pages, so your smile won’t fizzle.
They add action, and music, and color galore. Hurry now! Don’t hesitate! Or soon you’ll want more.
Will give you the know-how, so no worries – be calm.
Our book comes in three forms* – only two include APPs. please note: the e-book will not respond to your taps.
Just one last BIG thing, we should NOT fail to mention, there will be UPDATES! So please pay attention!
Ok that’s done, let’s get comfy and settle in, The Myst’ry of the Magna Carta will now begin ...

* The Mystery of the Magna Carta comes in three different forms:

1. The paperback book comes with a free augmented reality app for your tablet or smartphone, available now!

2. A highly interactive APP book version for iPhones and iPads is coming soon!
3. The non-interactive eBook is also available now for your Kindle or other supported e-reader. ​

The interactive Apps are available now on iOS and Android!